Environmental, social and governance

ESG cover

Shoreham Vehicle Auctions has been part of the local community for over 60 years and since I bought the business in 2011.

The growth of the business has meant our presence has expanded with national buyers buying vehicles from SVA and national vendors sending their vehicles to the south coast for disposal.

We understand as an auction company within the automotive and transport industry we have a responsibility to minimise our environmental impact, locally and nationally.

We recognise that we have a responsibility towards operating sustainably, towards the wellbeing of our employees and to conduct business ethically and with integrity. All of these values are at the heart of our decision making.

It is important to the SVA senior team and all our stakeholders that we continually trial new initiatives that show our commitment to continuous improvement, and that we are transparent, honest, and accurate with our reporting.

Taking all of this into account we are delighted to launch our ‘Environmental, Social and Governance’ report which draws together our collective work throughout SVA to achieve these goals.

It looks at the projects we are working on as well as those that we have delivered across the business. We are also looking into future projects as we continue to follow our road to Net Zero.