–      Sports enthusiasts with converted vans face £100 daily charge when travelling in London

–      Two choices ell the vehicle or get it fitted with a particulate filter

–      Used vans registered before 1 October 2006 based around London will be greatly de-valued in the South East

The latest Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) regulations that will be introduced on the 3 January 2012 are set to impact on the thousands of converted vans, minibuses and motor caravans owned by sports enthusiasts.

Surfers, windsurfers and mountain bikers alike who own a sub 3.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) registered as new before 1 October 2006 will face a daily charge of £100 if they want to travel in and around London due to their high emissions. An unpaid charge will mean a fine of £500, but the long term benefit is improved air quality for Londoners, but those consumers who own vans as part of their lifestyle will get caught in this net.

The only way to avoid the charge is to have a filter fitted which captures the Particulate Matter (PM),  the fine particles of soot emitted by vehicles, which contribute to asthma, heart and lung disease and other respiratory illnesses. This might be worth the cost and hassle if a consumer has a prized Transporter T3 or T4 conversion, but for older, shabbier models it may mean the end of the road.

Alex Wright, managing director of Shoreham Vehicle Auctions, and self confessed wind surfing fanatic is keen to warn owners before they are sent their first £500 bill for not adhering to the new legislation.

“Transport for London estimates 72,000 vans and minibuses will be affected by the new LEZ regulations. We believe that many will be owned by drivers that have converted them to meet the requirements of their passion for outdoor sports with sleeping and cooking facilities in the back and a rack to store a surfboard on the roof,” said Wright.

“The most efficient option is to have a Particulate Filter fitted as any vehicle registered before 1 October 2006 will be soon worth nothing in the used vehicle market,” he added.

One last word of advice from Wright – “don’t forget to get your vehicle retested after the filter has been fitted to ensure the Government’ central database recognises your new lower emission vehicle and to avoid future charges or fines,” he said.

For a full list of the vehicles affected by the legislation and for a list of converters who can fit a filter to a vehicle can be found at


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