• Free no obligation valuation service for south coast based used car and van sellers
  • Motorists can save £60 and have their money within five working days
  • Shoreham Vehicle Auctions works hard to sell every vehicle to its strong base of over 1,200 trade and private buyers

At a time when motorists need cash quickly, Shoreham Vehicle Auctions, based on Chartwell Road, Shoreham has launched a free no obligation valuation service until the end of April to ensure they get the best price for their used car or van in the current tough economic conditions.

In times of recession motorists often rush to sell their vehicle in a bid to free up cash, but end up sacrificing valuable time and losing money on the market value of their car or van. At auction, Shoreham will not only work hard to get the best possible price for every vehicle, but will handle everything from valuation to auctioning to filling in tedious paperwork.

The offer will help motorists get the right price for their vehicle and when they accept Shoreham’s reserve price, it allows them to sell their vehicle for FREE through the Chartwell Road auction, saving £60 and ensuring they get their money within five working days! Should the vehicle sell, the only cost to the seller will be the commission of 7.5% of the selling price (minimum £50). There is no charge if the bid price does not reach the reserve.

When deciding which route to use to sell a vehicle, there are several things to take into consideration:

1- Audience: Selling at auction exposes vehicles to a much wider audience than trying to sell independently or to a local garage, and ultimately achieves a higher price, because a single buyer will try to buy a vehicle as cheaply as possible, in order to then sell the vehicle on at as high a profit as possible. With Shoreham’s strong buyer base of over 1,200 regular trade and private buyers, as well as its strong online presence, motorists can be sure Shoreham will work hard on their behalf, offering their vehicle to a wide audience to get the highest bid.
2- Security: Selling a vehicle at auction means sellers will avoid strangers visiting their home to view their used car or van and also offers peace of mind that payment will be received within the week. When selling a vehicle independently, there is no guarantee that the buyer will pay on time.
3- Additional costs: When selling a vehicle at auction, the costs are immediately clear. The only cost, should the seller accept Shoreham’s reserve price, is the commission of 7.5% of the price the vehicle is sold for – so it is in Shoreham’s interest to sell every vehicle for as much as possible. It’s simple – if a vehicle does not sell, there are no costs. There are, however, often hidden costs when selling a vehicle independently, and no guarantee the seller will actually sell the vehicle.

Shoreham’s experts will use their top ten check list to value every vehicle, checking whether the car has a full service history, whether it is in possession of a V5 registration document, as well as small details like the presence of a spare key, in order to ensure it is valued as accurately as possible.

Shoreham celebrated 50 years of trading last year, and with over 7,500 vehicles passing through its halls each year, it knows exactly what influences the price of any car or van. The company has valued just about every make and model of vehicle in varying states of condition, with anything from ten miles to 950 thousand miles on the clock.

Alan Agate, operations director at Shoreham said, “There has been a sharp increase in vendors taking up this service. At Shoreham we value and sell 1000s of cars and vans every year, so we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our valuation. In the case of us overvaluing a vehicle, the seller can always take the car or van away with no charge, and if we undervalue it is always a delight to see the vehicles make more than the reserve price. We encourage sellers to remember the reserve is the safety net, it is the minimum figure an auctioneer will bring down the hammer on. And if the bid is lower than the reserve they will phone it through to you to give you the choice of selling it or not. You can then pick your vehicle up the next day and not pay a penny.”

For your free valuation service, visit and follow the instructions, or call 01903 851 200 for more information.


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