Shoreham Vehicle Auctions is temporarily closed for business

Three hours after the prime minister’s announcement at 8.30 on 23 March asking us to help save lives and support the NHS in this battle we closed Shoreham.

Since taking over the company 10 years ago the team have always prided itself on our ‘can do ‘ attitude and our desire to always find solutions to challenges for our customers.

On Monday 23rd... for the first time in the 59-year history of Shoreham Vehicle Auctions we became a 100% online auction.

For over a week we had created working teams for each department to implement social distancing and ultra-safe anti-virus working practices.

We had even divided the company workforce into two, making sure half the company never met the other physically, with a clinical wipe down 30 mins between the shifts.

Plate drivers were allocated set minibuses, we only accepted online payments, no customers were allowed on site and office workers occupied desks 4m apart.

Our Dealer Finance evening auction started well with 96 online buyers logged in. And was finished 10 mins before the prime minister’s live announcement.

Three hours later we were closed and the site gates were locked. This included waking up parked car transporter drivers to help them off load their trucks of vans for the next CV sale.

I have family, friends and neighbours who are going to be on the front line in the coming days, weeks and months.

They will be putting their lives at risk and will be doing and seeing things I cannot imagine and all I am being asked to do is close my business, look after my fantastic staff and stay at home with my family to support the NHS.

It’s a small contribution while others fight the battle.

When business opens , I predict that the market will behave like a coiled spring which will be fuelled by the challenges of manufacturers getting new vehicle production lines up to full speed again.

I thank all my customers and staff for their support and hope you all keep well.

If you do need anything please call me.


Alex Wright, MD