Diesel set for resurgence as ultra-efficient Euro 6s start to land in the used market

Shoreham Vehicle Auctions (SVA) believes electric vehicles despite now having reached a tipping point of acceptance within the used sector and petrol powertrains dominating new vehicle registrations, ultra-low emission diesels will make a resurgence across the UK’s used vehicle market.

Despite the slightly higher price point for used Euro 6 vehicles the ‘new breed’ of diesels are providing the market with good value, low emission motoring and vehicle life cycle ownership.

Alex Wright, managing director of SVA, believes that despite the general cynicism surrounding diesels, the growing influx of Euro 6 standard vehicles in the used market will have a positive impact on both sales of diesel vehicles overall and CO2 emissions.

He said, “Despite the tipping point having arrived for EV vehicles, we will see the diesel market recover and, due to the reduction in new diesel sales, the pendulum will swing back to an increased demand in the second-hand market.

“The new generation of petrol owners in an SUV will realise the extra running costs versus diesel, and when the green light is given by the government that these new generation diesels are actually helping the country reduce CO2 and NOx emissions, it will be accepted as a ‘green’ solution until EVs can fully establish themselves. We must remember that petrol powertrains’ generate CO2 and NOx emissions too and, arguably, have progressed less than diesels in recent Euro standard iterations.”

Since the VW ‘dieselgate’ scandal emerged, there has been a significant backlash on diesel powertrains across the market with some councils taking advantage according to Alex by charging more for parking if you own a diesel vehicle.

However, since September 2015, all diesels sold in the UK have had to be Euro 6 compliant. These ultra-low emission vehicles, qualifying to enter London’s ULEZ free of charge, are recognised as some of the most fuel-efficient vehicles available today.

“Despite the momentum behind electric vehicles, there is going to be a resurgence in demand for ultra-low emission diesel powertrains,” explained Wright.

“These vehicles will sit alongside EVs and ultra-efficient petrols as part of the solution in reducing emissions and improving urban air quality,” he added.

In March of this year, it was revealed the average CO2 emissions across all cars sold in Europe had reached a four-year high. This was largely driven by the switch to petrol and the growing popularity of SUVs, which are typically less efficient than traditional family hatchbacks and Euro 6 diesel equivalents.