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Save the Brighton Speed Trials

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

The oldest motor sport event in the UK is under threat.

Established in 1905, the Brighton Speed Trials is an entertaining fun-packed day out for the whole family to watch some of the UK’s best race cars and motor bikes compete along it’s original home, Madeira Drive in Brighton.

This year it is under threat by Brighton and Hove council who plan to refuse permission and block the event taking place after 109 years.

You can help save the event by signing the official petition here and sharing the link with your family and friends

With support from many motoring TV presenters and racing drivers, the national media and motoring publications, the petition is rapidly growing.

The council will be making a decision on 23rd January 2014.

If you could find time to sign the petition it would be greatly appreciated


Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Shoreham Vehicle Auctions (SVA) has announced the appointment of two new team members as it grows its vehicle auction business based in Lancing, West Sussex.



Thursday, May 5th, 2011

• Cleaner vans may penalise SMEs who buy used vans
• Running costs of older vans will immediately go up and residuals will fall
• EU Parliament need to consider impact on used market before introducing new legislation

The decision by the European Parliament to ensure 100% of vans are sub 147g/km CO2 emissions by 2020 could create a two tier used market according to Shoreham Vehicle Auctions’ managing director Alex Wright. more…»

Shoreham increases conversion rate at second ‘Van’Tastic sale

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Event sees packed halls for major south coast vehicle auction:

  • 150 vans entered with an 83% conversion rate
  • Next ‘Van’ Tastic’ sales with 150+ vehicles to be held on 15th and 29th March 2011
  • Additional van sale on 1st March 2011

On Tuesday, 15 February 2011, Shoreham Vehicle Auctions held its second ‘Van’ Tastic sale at its headquarters on the south coast with a record breaking 83% of the 150 vans entered being sold. A number of the vans sold were sourced from The RSPCA, ING Car Lease (UK) Ltd and Balfour Beatty.

Buyer turnout was strong and the majority of the vans sold achieved a price well over 100% of the CAP average – the best being six Citroen Berlingo Enterprise vans, with an average mileage of 89,624, all of which managed an average sale price of 134% of CAP and a 54-plate 88,058-mile Vauxhall Combo 2000 DTI which reached 127% of CAP.
Once again Shoreham Vehicle Auction’s new managing director and vehicle auction expert Alex Wright took to the rostrum to put his mark on the event:

“I have never seen such packed halls as we had on Tuesday! It was unbelievable and the results speak for themselves! We had some great buyers and sellers and once again everyone enjoyed the experience. We are looking forward to the next ‘Van’ Tastic sale in March and furthering Shoreham Vehicle Auctions’ next stage of expansion.”

Shoreham launches ‘Van’Tastic sale on the south coast

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
  • 230 vans entered with an 81% conversion rate
  • ‘Van’ Tastic sale with 200+ vehicles to be held on second Tuesday of every month

Shoreham Vehicle Auctions held its first ‘Van’ Tastic sale at its headquarters on the south coast with 81% of the 230 vans entered into the sale finding new homes.

With a strong turnout of buyers, bidding was intense and the majority of the vans sold achieved a price well over 100% of the CAP average – the best ones being a 52-plate 76,365 mile Iveco Daily 14-seater minibus which managed a sale price of 122% of CAP and a 58-plate 39,514-mile Vauxhall Movano Tipper which reached 119% of CAP.

Not content with just launching the mega van sale, Shoreham Vehicle Auction’s managing director Alex Wright took to the rostrum to wield his gavel as 230 vans went under the hammer in record time:

“A good auction should be a bit of an experience, and you certainly get that at Shoreham. It’s great to be back on the auction floor and witnessing the realisation of Shoreham Vehicle Auctions’ next stage of expansion first-hand.”
Shoreham Vehicle Auctions has announced the launch of a ‘Van’ Tastic sale for the second Tuesday of every month to complement its monthly van sale which on average offers between 80-100 vans to buyers.

Demand from SME’s will combat surge in vans hitting the used market

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011
  • Small businesses will absorb the increased number of used vans currently hitting the market
  • Used van market set to make a healthy start to 2011
  • Used prices set to reach record levels during 2011

The growing demand for used vans by small businesses will counteract the increasing number of light commercials currently hitting the used market, according to Alex Wright, managing director of Shoreham Vehicle Auctions.
Thousands of used vans are being launched into the market through recent company collapses, and the decision by GE to pull TLS out of the van rental market.

But Wright believes the demand for two to three year old light commercials from small companies unable to secure credit lines for brand new vehicles will absorb this peak in supply.

“In early 2009 the new and used market collapsed because reduced lines of credit immediately prevented van retailers stocking large amounts of vehicles. Any stock they did have they had to sell quickly, often at a reduced price to reduce their gearing. This damaged the used market for quite some time and was one of the major reasons behind the dip in market prices,” said Wright.

“In 2011 the used market is in a very different place with used van retailers in particular with longer term funding in place which guarantees stability for their stocking arrangements.

“There is currently a pent up demand from small companies looking to buy a used van to replace their ageing vehicle, as continued credit restrictions preventing them from buying a new van,” said Wright.

The management of vehicles strategically back into the used market is also attributing to a strong used market. Contract hire and finance companies are managing stock back into the used market very responsibly as they want to protect the value of their assets by not distressing the market with oversupply over a short period. This is good news for the entire used van market entering 2011,” said Wright.

“The current strong demand created for used stock will push 2011 prices to some of the highest ‘percentage of cost new’ we will ever see. The demand will be strong enough to force end users such as SMEs back to seriously considering buying new vehicles again,” he added.

Thinking of selling your vehicle?

Monday, December 6th, 2010


Drivers thinking of selling their used car or van should think twice about selling it without it being MOT’d according to Shoreham Vehicle Auctions.

Shoreham’s Managing Director Alex Wright has worked out that a £35 investment in a car or van’s MOT could increase the value of their vehicle by up to £800.

“While sellers may be worried about the potential cost of fixing issues a MOT could flag up, a buyer’s fears are ten times worse! Selling a used car or van is about giving the buyer peace of mind that the vehicle is safe for 12 months and in relatively good condition. The MOT provides that peace of mind, in that all of a vehicle’s safety features such as brakes, suspension and tyres are effectively given a clean bill of health and won’t need money spending on them for the next 12 months,” says Alex Wright, Managing Director, Shoreham Vehicle Auctions.

Shoreham is one of the very few auctions with its own MOT facility on site and since Wright purchased the business in October has focussed on helping sellers generate an extra few hundred pounds for their vehicles.

“Sellers can have their vehicle MOT’d at Shoreham and while they are waiting they can have a chat with us on what the car is worth when they come to sell it, whether they intend to use a local dealer, our auction or sell the vehicle online,” says Alex Wright, Managing Director, Shoreham Vehicle Auctions.

“We will value a car free of charge and will provide any supporting advice that we think the seller may need to optimise the full value of their vehicle,” he added.

Shoreham Vehicle Auctions has put together its top tips on adding value to used vehicles:

  • Ensure all paperwork is complete, such as servicing history, V5, tax disc, any body work repair guarantees and the spare keys
  • If your vehicle is over three years old it is paramount to sell it with 12 months MOT and at least six months road tax
  • Research your selling options, look for web reviews of online car sites or auctions
  • If selling on EBay or similar online sites have plenty of photographs and an honest description of the vehicle, you don’t want to waste your time with buyers who come to see the vehicle and don’t buy it or online dealers who offer you a lower price than quoted on viewing the vehicle.
  • Make sure the car is thoroughly cleaned inside and out to show it off in its best light. If selling a van, clean out the driver’s cabin and the load area to show the buyer that you are not trying to hide something

Shoreham Vehicle Auctions is situated on the Lancing Business Park, eight miles west of Brighton and sells around 6,000 vehicles each year through 11 auctions per month; including a weekly fleet and finance sale, a fortnightly light commercial sale, a monthly HGV sale and a weekly evening sale for dealer part exchanges and private buyers.

Shoreham’s MOT facility is open Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.30pm and Saturdays 8.00am to 1.00pm.
Call 01903 764982

Alex Wright buys Shoreham Vehicle Auctions

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Experienced team grows the company through strong sales and service ethic.

Well known auction figure Alex Wright has returned to the industry as Managing Director and owner of Shoreham Vehicle Auctions in West Sussex.

Wright who spent 15 years at Manheim Auctions, most recently as Commercial Vehicles Director has bought the business off its previous owner Stephen Pearcey for an undisclosed sum.
Joining Wright on the board is Alan Agate as operations director with 35 years experience in auctions and Bob Knowles as sales director, who has worked in remarketing for the likes of BCA, CMA and Motability.

The four acre site has been trading since 1961 and is situated on the Lancing Business Park, eight miles west of Brighton and sells around 6,000 vehicles each year through 11 auctions per month; including a weekly fleet and finance sale, a fortnightly light commercial sale, a monthly HGV sale and a weekly evening sale for dealer part exchanges and private buyers. Currently Shoreham employs 27 people.

Shoreham’s plans are to build volumes to nearer 10,000 vehicles through the adoption of a higher profile van sale, the growth of its current fleet vendor base with the likes of Motability, ING Car Lease and Duncton Finance and to grow the number of local vendors and buyers using the auction. There are also plans to expand its current online sales platform over the coming months.
“After spending over 20 years with two great corporates in the shape of BCA and Manheim, we felt it was an opportune time for an independent with low overheads to build its presence the industry. Our experienced team at Shoreham has the flexibility to move quickly and react to the ever changing needs of the buyer,” said Wright.

“Shoreham is a good business and has a strong catchment area for both vendors and buyers and gives us a solid platform on which to build for the future. The internet is going to be an important tool and we will be utilising technology to meet the changing dynamics of the current climate,” he added.

The site which has excellent motorway links, consists of two auction halls, a valeting bay and an onsite MOT testing station and service bay which is open to the public and the trade. Shoreham also runs its own transportation service for single or multiple deliveries.