Selling is Easy

Selling is easy

The purpose of the auctioneer is to match a willing vendor with a willing purchaser and to achieve this we market our sales in many different ways to attract the right buyers.

Firstly our auctioneers would be happy to provide you with a valuation Free of charge with no Obligation.
If you are agreed with the figures quoted simply complete an entry form and hand over the V5, MOT if applicable and any Service History or bills you may have. It is clearly advisable to clean the vehicle inside and out, check the fluid levels and make sure there is enough fuel in the tank before leaving it with the auctioneer. An entry fee of £50.00 plus VAT is payable at the point of entry.

We offer vehicles either As Seen, with no guarantee, or with an End of Sale Trial, which allows the purchaser one hour from the end of the sale in which check and test the vehicle for any major mechanical faults not declared at the time of sale.

It is also advisable to leave the auctioneer with a contact telephone number if you are unable to attend the sale in case there is a bid close to your reserve price in which case we will contact you and advise.

Once your vehicle is sold you will be sent a cheque for the sale proceeds within 5 working days less commission of 11.5% of the sale price with a minimum of £75.00 all charges are plus VAT. There is also a £20.00 plus VAT service charge to include a Credit Data Check and V5 administration.

The benefits of using the auction are clear in that it is clean and transparent without the need to sit indoors waiting for the telephone to ring then inviting strangers into your home, imagine giving someone your address and directions only to say “Don’t call this weekend we are going away………..”