About Shoreham



Shoreham Vehicle Auctions (SVA) is an independent operator which celebrated its 50th anniversary in September 2011. In January 2010 the Auction was taken over by Alex Wright who has engineered a significant cultural and organisational change to bring a fresh approach to the business. The Auction now benefits from Alex’s introduction of an entirely new management team with over 100 years’ experience combined in Motor Auctions.


Alex was Commercial Vehicle Director for 15 years with Manheim Auctions where he achieved 320% organic business growth during his last 10 years. He recognised that there was a strong demand for an independent vehicle auction house with the ability to challenge the major players by delivering exceptional standards and attention to detail.


SVA’s  very successful Car  Auction business has developed appreciably since the acquisition and  with  Alex’s introduction  of the Specialist  Commercial Vehicle  sales programme,  further significant growth has been achieved. In less than two years under Alex’s control as Managing Director the SVA Team has met its business targets and has significantly increased  its buyer base.


The results have been achieved by close attention to detail and operational efficiency. The Management Team all have a totally ‘hands on’ involvement and  responsibility for  the day to day running of the business .The team are good communicators and fully  trained in all aspects of the business which enables prompt decisions and responses for both buyers and sellers.


In 2011 the Company seized the opportunity to fully embrace the Internet and On Line bidding which, together with Physical auction has further enhanced competition among the buyers. This coupled with the Management’s decision to examine and make dynamic changes to its vendor and buyer profile produced a 37% business growth.


In 2012 the Company made further Technology developments and continued to enhance its buyer base which resulted in the achievement of a further 17% growth in business.


Our website www.shorehamvehicleauctions.com  is easy to access, provides full information and is user friendly as confirmed by our clients.  Our On Line bidding process for which we make no extra charge is similarly easy to use.


We provide our Vendors the opportunity to display their corporate logo on our web site which enables a fast track click on access and easy source of stock images and specifications to buyers.


We provide high resolution photographs and technology that enables close up and zoom visibility for all catalogued stock.


We also ‘walk ‘the vehicles which means we can provide precise advice over the telephone concerning vehicle condition to prospective On Line bidders prior to the sale. This encourages buyer confidence when bidding remotely. The Company also maintains low overheads which enables the Company to offer very competitive buyer fees.


We are confident that we can provide  a service to maximise sales values and  return the best money for our vendor’s assets. We can also confirm that clients offering vehicles at SVA this year have experienced significant financial benefits.


Our vendors include: Alphabet (UK) Fleet Management,  ALD Automotive, U Drive, Sussex Police,  PSA Financial Services, Siemens Financial Services Ltd, Close Finance, Asset Advantage, Advantage Finance,   Motability Operations Ltd,   RSPCA,  SG Equipment, Eurovans and XBG on behalf of National Grid and British Gas.


We also remarket overage stock and part exchanges for a number of retail dealerships including Yeomans Group,  Tates Group, Chandlers BMW, Caffyns Group and Peter Cooper Group.


Additionally SVA specialises in the sale of redundant vehicles for  Local Authorities . All have received excellent values for their assets.


Our success is directly attributable to our powerful marketing.  At SVA we concentrate maximum effort toward constant development of our ever growing buyer base in order to achieve optimum competitive On Line bidding in tandem with traditional Physical Auction thus maximising values of assets sold.


By location we benefit substantially from the fact that a very high percentage of buyers and retailers operate in the South and South East of the UK. Our business is also supported by 62% of the country’s wealth which is in the same region. Our overall sales performance and business growth in recent months reflect these strong underlying territorial market advantages.


Shoreham Vehicle Auctions is a performance driven Company. We believe in competition and the importance of statistical measurement to allow informed decision making. We would always recommend constant bench marking with alternative Re-marketing Services in order to ensure that the best prices are being achieved and that Service Levels are being satisfactorily maintained.


We are confident that we can generate a strong buyer interest for our vendor’s assets and  return the best values in our very competitive Physical/On Line Auctions.






25th July 2013